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We love slow life and go see the world!

Traveling always broaden our mind and motivate to live today.

We enjoy bringing back what we amazed while traveling to our daily life so our place is filled with a piece of “Wow”.

We would love to see you here and hope you will have a relaxing breaking time!


YUTA (right) loves traveling, work out, DIY, camera

Love traveling abroad and worked for a domestic company at a overseas business department. I visited various regions such as the United States, Singapore, India, and China on business. After that, I went to Cebu to study English. I learned diving licenses while studying English, and I was having fun to enjoy improving my skills. And now, one of my dream  “I want to do a guest house!” is came down to reality.
I will keep traveling and wondering to see the world!


MARI (left) loves traveling, cooking, aromatherapy, reflexology

About 20 years ago, when I traveled to Chiangmai with a backpack, I had a lot of fun and thought, “I want to do a guest house!” After that I went to England to study holistic therapies. I realized that my common sense is lack of common sense for others when I was sharing life with foreigners, after that my life became very interesting.
Traveling is the “best learning way” for me. The energy is charged through “feeling good” of traveling.