Thank you for Travellers Awards 2020

We have recently been awarded the “Travellers Awards 2020” hosted by

Thank you so much to all our guests for taking the valuable time and post a review about your stay with us.
We are deeply appreciated for your warm consideration.

“B&B Nagayoshi” was opened on July 20, 2019, with Yuta and Mari, supported by their families and the people around us.
We got a lot of voices from our guests, such as ideas and advices on facilities and also operations.

By all those voices, we are thinking every single day to be “feels good” place and working on small challenges.

And, keep challenging on 2020 too!

Thank you again, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!


What is Traveller Review Awards?

The Traveller Review Awards is an annual appreciation programme that recognises partners for their exceptional hospitality, as evidenced in the review scores left by travellers after their stay or experience.

In January 2020, we’ll launch the Traveller Review Awards 2020, the 8th edition of the awards.

Who are eligible for the Award?

To be a winner of the 2020 edition of the Traveller Review Awards, properties need to have met the following criteria on 1 November 2019.

– A review score between 8 and 10 (see below for how this score is calculated)

– A review score calculated from a minimum of five reviews left by guests